polar bear cub sleeping

Snoozing Bear

I’m in my early 30s and I live in England.  Have a husband (Michael), no kids, no pets and an office job which is of little interest to anyone except me.

This blog is unequivocally about the boring details of my life.  I’m not a political commentator or a fashion guru.  I’m an ordinary person and I’m not ashamed of it.

I originally trained as an artist, specialising in painting, but I didn’t focus on making a career out of it and now drawing and painting – and making things – are just hobbies for me.  It’s the only thing I’m talented at.  (I don’t say that to be self-deprecating, it’s simply a fact.  It doesn’t dent my confidence at all.  I’m lucky that I’m good at anything.)

I enjoy music and attempt to play the piano badly.  I used to be quite good at the guitar (electric and acoustic) but haven’t practiced them for years now.  I don’t have much patience for genres but you could categorise the stuff I like as rock, metal, electro, goth, industrial, darkwave, folk.  Or variants thereof.

I like food, sleeping and playing.  I’m not a very girly girl – I had a passion for World War II when I was a teenager, particularly aircraft and making Airfix models, and I love Scalextric and Meccano and dirty machinery – but I have a weakness for jewellery.  Not the big sparkly bright blingy stuff but the kind of subtle handmade jewellery that middle-class people buy and that I can’t actually afford.  Although today I am wearing a ring like a tea-strainer, admittedly.  (Rings are my thing – I like to be able to see my own jewellery, but bracelets annoy me too much for me to really get into them.)

I like the idea of fashion but in reality I just wear whatever’s hanging on my rail.  I’ve had some of my clothes for 15 years.  Sometimes I end up being stylish (or, more rarely, fashionable) by accident.  I suspect I look a bit odd some of the time and that fools people into thinking I have some kind of ‘style’.

I love being outdoors but I’m not very good at gardening.  I have a great appreciation of flowers and plants; sadly they don’t seem to like me as much.  I do my best.

Although I like food, cooking isn’t my strong point.  Luckily for me, Mike is a great cook.  I used to be underweight (not any more) and I am happy that now I can appreciate good food even though I can’t make it myself.