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The main theme of today is missing my gym fix for weeks in a row.  I could whinge for paragraphs about it.

I am at a complete loss as to who one would buy this Truth Jewellery charm for.  In what situation would that be appropriate or desirable?!  (I actually quite love it, though, for its sheer strangeness.  Perhaps that’s the point?  But I’m not sure whether there are enough people in the world who share my exact taste in strangeness to merit the existence of such an oddity.)

Calendars – who still buys them and why?  I’ve never got on with online and phone-based calendars, even though I own a smartphone which I use a LOT.  On a phone, you can’t glance at a week or a month and see all your appointments written out.  Sure, you can see whether you have an appointment on any particular day, but you have to open that day in order to see what the appointment is.  On a printed calendar you can know the month at a glance.  I still use a paper diary too for the same reason.  I tried with my phone, I really did, but I ended up being reminded of important events an hour before I was supposed to be at them, or dismissing the previous-day pop-up and then promptly forgetting all about the appointment.

My current calendar is a gift from my mother-in-law, who always buys me a calendar in the exactly opposite style from what I would have chosen for myself.  She is a nice and kind person but not given to irony, so I’m not sure of the point but I hang the calendar at work with pride.