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I have spent most of the working day procrastinating, but you can see some nice videos of polar bears on the BBC website here.  I also found this one (from Kingdom of the Ice Bear) a light diversion from the tedium of the day.

Mike isn’t feeling very well today so has gone home from work early, which makes me ~sadface~.  (‘Early’ for him is before 5pm, but he’s going to take a snooze and some food and then go back to work during the evening.  Such are the pressures of life…  I didn’t mention that Mike is self-employed.  He doesn’t work late so often now; 10 or 11pm used to be regular hours for him but now he most often finishes at 6 or 7pm… not today, though!)

I, on the other hand, am spending two nights a week at ‘am dram’ rehearsals for a light comedy production for which I’m prompting.  I like prompting.  Some people think it’s a deadly job, but I get to see the play, not only on the nights when everything’s going right but also during all the rehearsals when things go hilariously wrong… and all without the stress of actually having to appear in the play myself.

pink and white flowers

Flowers ❤