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abandoned car

My lesson results last night were good!

All 2s and 1s except ‘Eco-driving’ (which wasn’t really tested for) and ‘Speed limits & progress’ (because I crept over the speed limit once – but I was aware of it at the time!), and I got 3s for those, which is Satisfactory and I would still pass with those.

I want to get all 2s and 1s on the test though!  Well, all 1s really, but the chances of that are…?

Examples of some casual comments that piss me off because they perpetrate useless stereotypes:

“But that’s probably a female thing. I try very hard not to be someone who insists on anything…” — (From The Guardian article on music in surgery)

“No man would or could make art like this.” — (From The Guardian article on Pipilotti Rist exhibition)