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sexy nurse sitting at desk with syringe

Today I was reminded of Goer.org’s ‘HTML House of Horror’ page.  For some reason, that page makes me snicker uncontrollably.  I don’t know why, because it isn’t particularly funny.  It just tickles my sense of humour somehow.

I had a terrible night last night.  Only slept for 3 hours max.  Started fretting about something and it got my heartrate up and then I couldn’t break the cycle and I spent most of the night with my heart racing away.  So stupid, because there is nothing seriously wrong, and I feel like a heel because Mike really does have actual health problems worth worrying about and he doesn’t even complain.

I am not worried about my problem as such, I’m just pissed off because it is inconveniencing me!  (Well, it is painful but only moderately, nothing worth complaining about.)  But it’s inconveniencing both of us by proxy and I’m not keen on that at all.  Mike has enough to deal with without being affected by my minor problems too.  So this morning I booked an appointment at the GP for Monday, and mentally I feel better already.

God, I hate myself for using this space to rant.  I keep wanting to say, “I’m not usually like this, I promise!”  When it comes to illness (mine) I can cope with major things quite calmly but tend to grump like a grumpy thing about the small stuff.