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I was hoping October would turn out better than September, but it didn’t get off on a great footing. I realised this morning that my driver’s licence expired in August because I need to order one with a new photo!  I’ve only got myself to blame because I got my reminder letter way back and procrastinated. But the new licence can take up to three weeks to arrive, so I’ve had to cancel my test for next weekend. I’m gutted – I was all psyched up for it and my lesson today went well. I feel like such an idiot.

The day ended up good though. Mike and I went to the East Midlands Food and Drink Festival, which was a really enjoyable afternoon. Got free cookies, numerous samples, some fresh orange juice and we bought some Sheep Dip whisky (some for us, others as a present) and cupcakes which we shared with my mum later on. The weather is amazing – hottest October day on record in England, I believe – and it was lovely to be able to sit outside.

Currently watching ‘Future Weapons: with Mack’. It’s entirely possible every terrorist in the country is also watching. I suspect the weapons might all be fake. Made out of cardboard, although it is more fun to imagine they’re made of cake, by Buddy from ‘Cake Boss’.