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I *may* not be able to blog at weekends any more, which makes me sad.  Also I will not be able to take any photos for around 6 weeks.

Sadfaces for the Weiss household.

(I do have an ancient – 9 years old – point and shoot digital Pentax camera, but it requires proprietary software on discs that I have probably either lost or damaged.)

I’ll try to compensate by including more interesting and/or useful links for a change.

I have absolutely zero plans for the weekend, but I can tell you one thing; I will welcome my sleep tomorrow morning!

The play is running until Saturday evening which inconveniently prevents me from attending a friend’s party.  However, I am trying to discover the benefits of a quiet life.  On the plus side I might eventually catch a glimpse of the far-distant finishing line of the cardigan I’m knitting for Mike.  It’s the height of ironic grandad-chic.