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cartoon of girl with boxing glovesI am going back to the gym this evening for the first time in ages.  Looking forward to letting off some steam!

My gym membership runs out at the end of the month and I need to look around and see if I can find a good deal elsewhere. They are offering me a reasonable discount to stay on, but I have a feeling I can probably get something as competitive or cheaper.

I quite fancy going to a gym where I can do something other than go on the machines, as well – the classes at my gym (mainly aerobics) don’t appeal to me but I would like to try boxing or boxercise or something along those lines. (Martial arts would be good but the classes always seem quite expensive.) I want to do something more competitive where I can feel I’m actually achieving something, or/and have something to aim for. I’m not trying to lose weight, only to maintain my current reasonably average level of fitness, so the cross-trainer and rower are starting to lose their appeal.

I do enjoy exercising, though. As a mesomorph my body needs it. I’m happiest when I’m doing something like cycling, walking or doing work outdoors like gardening or light construction – something where you are constantly on the move all day, doing what you might call low-level exercise. Running a marathon is my idea of torture, but ask me to plant trees all day or keep throwing bricks to you and I’ll be as happy as a sandboy! The tea and cake tastes so much better afterwards, too.