Argh, my license came through and I have my Advanced test on Saturday!

Spent this lunch time frustratedly searching for parked cars to practice parallel parking behind.  There were only two spaces within a five-minute drive of my workplace; one was on a bottleneck where I kept getting thwarted by passing lorries, and the other was behind a car which contained a woman in conversation on her phone.  She must have thought I was mad.

Hint to would-be burglars wanting to case a joint*: pretend to be a driver practicing manoeuvers.  Attach L-plates if you must!  It also helps greatly if you’re a woman.

(*n.b. This is meant to be a joke, not an actual hint for burglars.  I was just aware, during my to-ings and fro-ings, that I probably looked quite suspicious.  I definitely saw one man loitering on the pavement with his phone giving me funny looks.)