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woman holding knife behind her backPrompted by this web page on pangrams, I’ve been wondering what, if anything, my handwriting says about me.

I was also wondering about names.  I find it difficult to have favourites or preferences.  There is no name that makes me think ‘I wish I was called that!’  If I ever have kids I will definitely struggle to name them.  Probably I’ll end up getting a baby name book, sticking a pin into it and settling for a name with some kind of brave or noble meaning and which doesn’t actively repel me.

Bought a book the other day about the Kercher murder.  I seem to have developed an interest in high profile murder cases and serial killers ever since my father-in-law gave me a book about Fred and Rose West.  I still don’t know why he saw that book and thought of me…

I wonder why there seems to be fewer female serial killers?  Of course, there are some noteable exceptions, but…  Perhaps more female ones have gone undiscovered so far?  I appreciate that a certain amount of strength is required to carry out some types of killing, but I refuse to believe that women are intrinsically less likely to carry out premeditated and/or repeated murders.  I don’t think there is a difference in the psychology of the sexes to that extent.  In subtle ways, maybe, but surely killing is a very primitive act at its root?

On a more serious note, is there a TV programme concept in the universe worse than Signed by Katie Price?