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Spent the first part of the day walking along the sea front in various directions. It was very sunny this morning but also windy. And I can’t neglect to mention that breakfast was amazing!

Later in the day I took advantage of the ‘leisure facilities’ which means that I went for a swim, sat in the jacuzzi and used the gym for about 25 minutes and the sauna as well.

I’m not very good at things like spas that are branded as leisure because it all seems a bit forced for me, like ‘You are now in the leisure zone and will relax’. Not to make them sound bad, just not my thing. My idea of exercise consists of, like, pointedly doing something, like cycling or walking or, I dunno, something else like surfing or skateboarding or playing crazy golf or whatever floats your boat, and then the leisure part comes after you’ve finished your exercise and you do absolutely nothing. Nada, zero, zilch. Sit down, or lie down, and do something completely, supremely lazy like reading a book or eating ice cream or knitting or sleeping or drinking whisky. Floating in a pool is like a weird combination of exercising and relaxing. I’m never quite sure whether I’m meant to be kicking back casually or ploughing up and down like a mad thing.

I am starting to like saunas, though. Maybe it’s the connection with garden sheds.

Had a great steak this evening. Now chilling with a whisky.