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Returned to the car this morning to find that some bastard had stoved in the back windscreen. We don’t think it was deliberate, because you can see a mark at the very top left and anyone wanting to smash the screen in would have aimed for the middle, not the corner. It’s more likely to be someone taking something off the top of their car – something long, like a canoe, ladder or surfboard – which clipped the corner of our window and shattered it.

It was a bit of a pain in the ass because we had to wait around a couple hours for the repairers to arrive, then it took them an hour to do the job following which you have to wait another hour for the glue around the new screen to dry. But it didn’t really matter all that much, because it was a nice sunny day and we could see the sea and we were in no hurry anyway.

As a result we didn’t leave until past four o’clock, and went on to a little historical village with a river and harbour and lots of boats and a dinky castle and other ancient stuff to see.

It took about three hours to drive home – not a completely clear run, because we took in some of the Sunday towards-London traffic, but not bad nonetheless.