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jumbled cardboard boxesAnd what a relief it is too.

Last night I remember why I’ve never bothered entering for my local art exhibition before.  I’m handing in my painting(s) soon and I finally get around to filling in the application form and sorting out all the details.  As well as ensuring they are mirror-plated, I have to make sure the corners are packed with cardboard, the back is marked ‘this way up’ (or something to stop them undiplomatically displaying it upside down) and there are two different types of label on each work, giving some specific information about the painting.  I’m sure it’s not really that much of a faff once you get down to it, but it sure seems like it!

Cue a trip to the postal depot to buy cardboard, packing tape and tie-on labels.  I was surprised to find that they still *sell* tie-on labels – I feared I would have to use a Christmas label!

Spend today being unusually professional and efficient at work in an effort not to shirk my newly-won responsibilities.  I’m looking forward to several glasses of wine and (hopefully) a good hard shag later.  As are several million people up and down the country, I presume (substitute beer or vodka for wine as necessary).

And Diwali sweets.  There are still Diwali sweets sitting in the fridge.