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Got up at 7 am. For me, that’s early on a Sunday. Some people probably think I’m a slob.

I got a significant portion of my Christmas shopping done, at least the cluster of relatively inexpensive items. (The big stuff I’ve already ordered online.) I’d almost forgotten how much I hate shopping! I get hot, sweaty and frowsy, trailing around with aching joints and too many bags, and an umbrella and scarf and coat and cardi that I didn’t need to wear. I also seem to have a knack for buying the heaviest items first, even when I try to plan things the opposite way round.

On the way back I felt like I was already 64, so now at least I know what I’ll feel like then! Every joint that can hurt, does. I shouldn’t be feeling like this in my 30s, surely?! At this rate I won’t be able to move by the time I’m 50!

I think I’m ageing beyond my years in more respects than just the physical – it feels like I’ve had an energetic weekend when all I’ve done, in a nutshell, is bake cakes and do some shopping! Really, I despair of myself sometimes.

I also carved a pumpkin lantern, and Mike used some of the flesh to make an interesting kind of cake bar with lots of spices and tomato ketchup. It sounds so wrong but tastes so good!