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sky seen through autumn leaves













orange autumn trees

I didn’t have any encounters with beings from the other world last night, which was disappointing. Still, our pumpkin looked great all lit up for Halloween. Although we didn’t do anything special for Samhain, I also feel the need to point out that this costume is just awesome.

Today I read this story about social media ‘killing’ storytelling and felt there was some truth in it. Never mind storytelling, I miss story reading. I miss sitting down with a good storybook in which I could get totally absorbed. I miss the kind of books where the characters would influence you; the kind of books that would colour your world with their atmosphere for weeks or even years. Where are those books for adults? I don’t want to read something that’s purely depressing or historical or supposed to educate me about a culture with which I’m unfamiliar. I want something that opens up a totally different world without being preachy or knowing or self-conscious.

I have a great urge to start up a fashion blog called ‘The Mild Vest’ just to use the name. I checked out of curiosity to see whether anyone else had had the same idea and it appears not. The name is still vacant on WordPress. I am now fighting temptation. I would be a rubbish fashion blogger – it’s all I can do to maintain this level of dullness on one blog! Me writing about clothes would be excruciating. I already write far too much about food.

I think I’m having an existential crisis. I keep wanting to get away from it all. Start a new career, or maybe live off the land. Quite possibly in a wigwam or a commune or a bothy or a hermitage. Somewhere I could do a lot of drawing and painting.

I won’t do it, of course. I’ll go home and watch Wife Swap or something, and bash out a semblance of a tune on the piano.

But it’s ok, because I’m in love and I only care about the people in my life, that’s all… all the material stuff doesn’t matter, even when there’s too much of it. Who even cares. It could be useful to have some cushioning to get burned and crushed around me when the chips are down!