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I plan to make a visit to family graves tonight with some flowers.  I remembered that I will need an extra vase, because probably other family will already have put flowers in the one existing vase before I get there, so I bought two square glass ones from Wilkinsons.  I love Wilkinsons.  It’s one of my favourite shops ever!  Find a large store and you can get more or less anything there!  Anything you can possibly think of for the house and most likely garden, you can usually find it cheapest at Wilkinsons.  A true British triumph! – and great for students of sculpture, who want to build something out of relatively cheap materials.

That is hardly on the serious topic of death, though, is it?  Maybe Wilkinsons should start doing coffins.  Cut-price rattan ones.  I’d buy one.

I should write something in tribute to all my friends and relatives who have died, but it’s kind of difficult to do that and maintain your anonymity.  So I’ll content myself with saying that I miss a lot of people.  One day I’ll get around to writing about some of my memories, but I don’t quite feel old enough yet.

A special word for my Dad here who I miss more than anyone else:

I wish you could be with me in the physical world.  I know there must have been many times when you’ve been upset or exasperated at how stupid I’ve been.  I can feel your patient spirit still close to me and I appreciate it more than I can say.  I know you always have my best interests at heart.  I wish I could be as calm and brave as you.  Thank you for helping me.