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Spent the weekend at my mother-in-law’s place, and on Saturday evening went to the engagement party of one of Mike’s relatives.  It was very English, with a disco and buffet.  I enjoyed it; I like Mike’s family.

I realise I’m lucky in that respect, judging by the number of mother-in-law jokes out there.  All of Mike’s family are, well, ok.  I was looking for a better word, but it would never do to be too effusive!  To put it better, they are all easy to be with and game for a laugh.  And I don’t feel like I have to be on my best behaviour, apart from not putting my feet on the furniture, something I am really bad at not doing.  Comes from years of living alone and having crap furniture that I got for free.

There is a lot to be said for crap furniture.  I have a suspicion that if I ever have kids I will long for most of my possessions to be rubbish so that when they inevitably damage them it won’t matter so much.

Mind you, if I do have kids I intend to discipline the little brats so that they don’t actually wreck my stuff too much.  I know I am practically ancient, but when I were a lass I’d never have dreamed of wilfully damaging furniture, or ornaments, or stuff in other people’s houses.  I always remember being on my best behaviour if I was ever taken to visit someone.  Does ‘best behaviour’ even exist these days?

Ahhhhhhh, the good old days…….!

I feel sorry for Mike, having my mum as his mother-in-law… I love her a lot, but she is very intense and I’m sure she’s going deaf because she seems to talk at top volume all the time.  Also she has an uncanny ability to take up all available space around her, despite being tiny.

Subjects I need to rant about in the near future:

My irritation at the fact that lots of women seem to think those who change their name after marriage are submissive, downtrodden, traditional, conservative, backward, old-fashioned or any combination of those.  There seems to be an unspoken consensus that it is somehow a worse choice than keeping your name the same or creating some kind of monikeral amalgamation.

“…it’s fun for everyone in the family to have matching names like a set of nomenclature Matryoshka dolls, and forming a family softball team is cuter if everyone on the team has the same last letters emblazoned across the back of their jerseys. […]  Still other women are totally fine with the traditional notion that when they get married, they become a part of the husband’s family.”

Bejayzuus! I can feel my blood fizzing already!

Of course, there are other things I’d like to rant about as well as so-called ‘women’s issues’.  That one just happened to be at the forefront of my mind because of that article.

I also want to write something about BDSM, or more specifically D/s, or, more specifically still, 24/7 D/s.  And M/s.  One for another day…  (I am not going to shy away from thinking out loud.  There are no personal details about real people.  And besides – on the internet, nobody knows you’re my bitch.)