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It’s that time of the year when the weather is very English and it feels cosy to be indoors. Outside: drizzle and mist; inside: glowing lamp-light, TV and chips.

And hobbies. I’m still knitting the cardigan for Mike that I began some time in August. I’ve almost finished the first sleeve, which leaves only the second sleeve and the buttonhole strip up the front to do. I joked initially that he might have to wait until Christmas for it; now that’s looking like a realistic prospect. Or even, perhaps, optimistic.

Mikey hasn’t been feeling too well recently. It’s difficult to know whether it’s his condition, his medication or just a cold coming on. Fingers crossed it’s the latter. I worry about him a lot. Nothing makes you feel powerless more than someone you love having a health problem. It’s even affected my attitude to life, because it does bring it home to you that no matter what you do and how both of you feel, you can never truly own someone.