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Attending a meeting tonight of a voluntary group where I want to bail out as secretary. Not sure whether to go for it tonight or wait for the AGM earlyish next year. I don’t want to be one of those people who moans “I’m not appreciated!”, and I don’t really mind doing the work. I don’t think I care whether or not people say thank you, and there are enough nice people in the group who do show their appreciation plenty, so I don’t feel I’ve got anything to complain about. Would it be terribly uncharitable of me to say there’s just something about the Chair that gets right on my tits?

But that’s not a very good reason to stop doing good work. I’m sitting on the fence. Even if I quit as secretary, I have no intention to stop doing stuff. Just not the meeting notes and emailing around to people. I still want to get my ass off the bench and do something practical to help. Gahhh!

Meeting tomorrow as well, with work. I predict a… lot of tedium.

Have been looking into Asatru / Heathenry, briefly. Intend to do more digging asap. Some things turn me off, but others strike a right chord…