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Numb ass… Because I’ve been sitting down all day.

Unfortunately I forgot I was supposed to be going out for lunch, and took my pack-up with me as normal, which meant I had to sit in Wetherspoons with a coffee while everyone else ate lunch, then gobble down my salad back at the meeting room. They probably thought I was on some barmy diet. No point in wasting money though!

At least I feel like I’m earning my salary. Not that I’ve been coasting at any point, but having more responsibility is good. I never thought I’d say that. Just reading it back to myself and trying to ascertain if it was written by my guardian devil.

In the mornings… it’s dark outside the bathroom window. I can hear the wind, the rain and the spatter of leaves. The window itself has an opaque pattern of leaves which makes it feel like autumn every day. Outside, shapes of the trees, shades of brown, orange, green… A city background but still there are trees. Maybe for a moment I can dream it’s my country property. When I shut off the taps and get into the bath it suddenly seems very quiet. I can hear the wind and rain even more loudly by comparison. I wish I had the working day to myself, stretching out long and accommodating and fruitful.