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That’s right, all the ‘1’s today… a string of uncompromising Is runes. Icicles… or tentpegs in the fabric of life.

My life has been quite boring recently, with little to write about because I’ve been going to work, going home and, well, not doing very much. Playing the piano, knitting, watching TV. Eating.

I am *very much hoping* (but not assuming) that next weekend I will have my phone back, and therefore be able to post from my phone and use tags properly as a result… and include photos!

Talking of photos, a round-up of some of my favourite pictures from publicdomainpictures.net…  (No offence intended by my mild piss-taking – that and similar sites are very useful for people like me, image-lovers deprived of photographic means.)

woman with magnifying glassThis is kind of made of WTFness…








pregnant belly with a ribbon around it

Your foetus is a present for who, exactly?







woman holding a blank sheet of paper in front of her faceYes, that’s lovely dear.  *backs away slowly*





woman laughing and waving with both handsWho uses THAT in their advertising campaign?  Seriously?







woman wearing vegetablesThat just… I mean… Well, I hope it was a good party after all that.