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I’ve been a bit quiet over the weekend – had other things on my mind than blogging.

Sad times for the family; Mike’s grandmother is not at all well.  There are a few specific medical conditions but she is in her 80s and basically her body and mind are both getting very tired and not working properly.  She is refusing to eat and drink which is creating a vicious circle.  She’s being well looked after, which is a relief but it is still a very sad situation all round.  I feel glad though that I had the chance to meet her a few years ago while she had most faculties and I could know her personality a little bit.  We paid an unexpected visit yesterday which occupied us for most of the day when coupled with seeing other family members in the area.

On Saturday we went to see the exhibition that my paintings hadn’t been rejected from.  I was a little disappointed that they weren’t actually exhibited (it seems strange, to be nominally ‘accepted’ but not ‘exhibited’) but hope that maybe they will be put up if other people sell their pieces and leave gaps, or maybe that they will rotate the displays if they had much work they thought was good enough but not sufficient room to display it.

The Christmas cake is now in residence!  Brought into being yesterday evening.  Will now marinade it with lots of brandy before the big day.

I’m hoping to have my phone – with decent camera – back very soon!  Fingers crossed!  My witterings ain’t nuthin’ without pictures…