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two yellow roses on a background of green leavesIt’s been a long couple of days.  Yesterday I got my beloved phone back!  I felt like covering it in big slobbery kisses (but figured it wouldn’t be a good idea).  At least it means I can take photos again – like the yellow roses here.

I have a suspicion, though, that something is not quite right with the focus.  It used to be super sharp.

I was out last night entertaining some foreign visitors.  I use the word ‘entertaining’ very loosely.  Most of the time I was listening to talk about work.  And I had to drink my last goldfish bowl-sized glass of wine really fast because everyone else had finished and just wanted to go to bed and sleep.  At least Mikey was in the cage when I got home, on my orders.  That cheered me up no end.

Ahhh, it feels so nice to have the WordPress app on my phone (even though I’m not actually using it to make this post).