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The first weekend for six weeks that I had the chance to blog from my phone, and I didn’t.  Nor did I take any photos.  That’ll teach me to whinge about not having a decent camera!

On Saturday we booked our holiday – I’m excited already!  We’re going for a week to the Canary Islands.  It sounds exotic but we got it for a knock-down price…  You would almost pay as much to holiday in the UK once you’ve factored in petrol costs.

I’ve always enjoyed active holidays – not with organised sports-type activities, but holidays with plenty of walking and cycling and otherwise being on the move – but for the first time in my life I’m seriously attracted by the prospect of doing absolutely nothing.

I imagine myself soaking up the sun’s rays, lying by the pool with a book, taking the occasional dip.  In reality I’ll do that for half a day, perhaps, before getting bored and going exploring.  Even in the morning it seems like a waste to sleep for too long on holiday.  What I really want is a week to do nothing but sleep and eat, and another week to have some proper fun!

When I’m at the sauna I close my eyes and imagine I’m lying in the sun.  I’m growing to love the sauna a little bit.  I love the feeling of dry heat you get before you start sweating.  (Although I am sure my sauna is not heated enough.  Either that or I have one very weird physiology because I can be in there 15 minutes without breaking a sweat!)

No gym for me tonight, though.  I’m working late.  Gym tomorrow.  I have absolutely no plans for any evenings this week and its a wonderful feeling.  Now I am officially old!  Planning to alternate gym and overtime.  How sad is that?!

On Sunday we visited a pre-Christmas food and craft market which was pretty good although we didn’t buy anything except edibles.

My head is full of thoughts of sun, sea and sand.