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My head is a lot clearer today.  Went with Mikey to his appointment at the hospital and driving to work in the late morning made me feel almost awake.  I make a point of taking a break at lunch-time but even so, sometimes it feels like I haven’t seen or felt the sun all day.

The nurse suggested Mikey should try a low-fibre diet, which will be a bit of a departure because at the moment he eats a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables either raw or lightly steamed.  It leaves us wondering, what on earth to eat?! – and I think he might find it difficult placing fruit cake off the agenda as I have just made our Christmas cake and very lush it promises to be too.  Which makes me sadface, as I like to make him happy and I do precious little cooking.  (Christmas cake and cottage pie are the only things I can cook really *well*.)

I love the way the website I checked out specifies ‘sherbert’ as a low-fibre food.  I try not to use the word too much but that really is random!  (“Never mind about the baked potato skins – at least I can still eat sherbert!”)