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sky at sunriseNot one of my pictures. Shamelessly taken from http://www.publicdomainpictures.net.

I get up at 7am.  I stumble to the bathroom in the dark and then turn the light on, half blinding myself.  I set the bath running.  The hot tap runs really slowly; it takes at least 20 minutes for the bath to fill properly, so I go downstairs and make a pot of tea.  Put some milk in our biggest mugs.  Fix myself some breakfast.  Sit in the front room with the curtains still drawn, eating my cereal and then I might knit a few rows before I go back into the kitchen and make toast for Mike.  Pour the tea and carry the lot upstairs.  Snuggle Mikey’s sleepy body for a minute, wanting to get back into bed and sleep more.  Go back to the bathroom in time to rescue the bath from overfilling.  Add some cold water to the mix and I can finally get in and relax.

It’s still dark outside, maybe just getting light.  I enjoy this moment, savouring the colour of the sky through the opaque glass.  I can hear the clock in the boxroom ticking.

Today for some reason I was reading a lot of Wikipedia articles about cannibals and serial killers.  I hope IT support don’t suddenly decide to run a check on my computer today.  I’m not sure they would believe that I Googled ‘Methods of disposing of a human body’ because I couldn’t remember the term ‘Alkaline Hydrolysis’.