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I’m going to visit my Dad’s grave tonight as it’s his birthday.  I usually feel a bit selfconscious about honouring the dead because I feel that I might seem like a bit of an idiot, or sentimental, or not quite living in reality, but I’ve decided that has to change, so I’m even taking a couple of little offerings as well as the usual flowers.  It just feels like the right thing to do.

Got a new camera at the weekend!  Well, it’s Mike’s camera really, because the first camera was meant to be a birthday present to him from me, and then it kept getting either stolen or broken, so the newest one is several incarnations away from the original.  So – still Mike’s, but we both get to play with it.

Hopefully that means I can decorate this blog with pictures!  But you know what happened when I got my phone back.  All hype and hope and then – nothing!  (Or hardly anything.)

I’ve also given myself a crick in the neck writing Christmas cards, but at least I’m organised this year.  We’ve also reserved our Christmas tree.  Its roots are still in the ground, which is the best way.  We’ll put it up sometime in the week before Christmas.

I wish I had time to write more about general things – society and just the way things are right now, what it’s like to live here and now.  Time, time, time.  The one thing I always think I’ll have loads of and never have enough of.  When I started this blog I thought I’d have far too much time on my hands and that I’d end up writing screeds of purple prose, whereas in point of fact I’m struggling to get my couple of mundane paragraphs a day slotted in, despite having a nifty tablet device which means I could blog from my bed if I wanted to.