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close-up of a cream rose with green outer petals

This is not a cabbage

I’ve got a strong cup of tea on the go and have been working hard all day.  Not that I’m abandoning the lemon-and-ginger brew that’s seen me through the last couple of weeks and warded off an impending cold – I just needed a proper English builder’s-style cuppa today!

As you have noticed, you finally get a picture to go with today’s words of wisdom!  It’s a rose that looks like a cabbage.  In a good way.

I’m in a holiday mood because on Monday I’m jetting off to the Canaries for some sun, sea and sand.  Ooooooh! – I hear you say, in a somewhat sarcastic tone of voice.  Isn’t that nice?!  Well, yes.  Yes, it is.

I know I shouldn’t really say anything about it here, lest you decide to break into my house while I’m away, but I can’t conceive of a way that you could possibly know where I live, so I’ll risk it.  *is frantically touching wood.  Not that kind of wood*

To put the icing on the cake, tomorrow I’m going to a boring meeting.  That’s not usually a good thing, but in this situation it is, because it means I only need to spend a couple of hours in the office and then I [cue rock ‘n’ roll voice] hit the road!  I won’t be paying the slightest attention in the meeting except to look for opportunities to inject a bit of humour into the proceedings.  And I’ll have forgotten all my ‘actions’ by the time I get back, when there will only be a few days to go before everyone breaks up anyway and I’ll probably be the last man standing (or rather sitting at my desk) on the 23rd.  By the time New Year comes – forget it!

Oh, the feeling of gleeful liberation!

Mike has got some Irish 8 ankle irons.  They are great.  If I ever discover a burglar on the premises I will aim to cosh them over the head with my solid brass orrery and restrain them in the Irish 8s where I will humiliate them until they wish they had never taken up a life of crime.  At least, that’s the idea.  In reality they will probably be 6’4” and built like a brick shithouse with ears like a bat (hearing-wise, I mean, not visually) and I will stand zero chance of sneaking up on them without getting knocked out myself.