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masts silhouetted against a blue skyI am rationing some of my artier and less identifying holiday snaps, and starting with this abstract pattern of masts against the blue sky.

Now that I’m back to the daily grind, I can’t help noticing that even my thoughts start to slow down, never mind my writing!  After spending all day gazing into the glare of the computer screen, and finding a thousand smart turns of phrase to say the most mundane thing in the shortest possible time, while still sounding as though I have something to say… it tires my mind.  But there should be no need to be grey; only one more working day and then it will be Christmas Eve!  I haven’t had Christmas Eve off work since the last time it fell on a Saturday, which was… when was it?  I have not the inclination to calculate.  In any case, it is one of my favourite parts of Christmas, so I intend to savour it as much as possible.  I need only to ice the cake, and wrap some presents, and make sure the house is so reasonably clean that my close relatives will not fear catching some terrible disease, and then the day is mine to enjoy.

Today it is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year; in fact the solstice itself, when the North Pole is the farthest from the sun, took place at something like 5:20 this morning.  Fortunately for me, I was not awake at that hour, but I left a candle burning during the night to keep the light alive.

On Tuesday evening I went singing carols door-to-door with a charity group my mother is involved with.  The weather was quite unseasonably mild, although I did get a bit chilly about an hour before the end.  Afterwards there was hot coffee and mince pies at someone’s house, where I was able to chat with a few people.

Yesterday evening I felt most unreasonably exhausted; I have no idea why!  A walk around Asda, although one of the least desirable things at the time, perked me up; or perhaps it was just the promise – and reality – of pizza at the end of it!

I also collected our Christmas tree yesterday from a local farm.  It is 5′ tall and a fine shape.  We were too knackered to decorate it last night but hope to do so tonight.