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What have I been doing with myself over the last few days?!

Isn’t it typical? I have time to update this blog when I am doing absolutely nothing of any interest, but when life is pretty good I don’t update it at all – even though I have all the time I could possibly desire in which to do so!

Monday through Wednesday I was at my mother-in-law’s place, seeing various relatives including Mike’s nans, grandad and dad as well as a couple of old schoolfriends of his. It was a relaxing few days and we had some lovely long lie-ins! There are few things in the world better than a lie-in. I don’t usually get up ridiculously early – 7am is my workday get-up time – so I’m not sure why I enjoy a late morning quite so much. I think it’s more psychological than physical – just knowing that you don’t have to get out of bed yet. I love the sounds. Rain on the window. Somebody breathing next to you. Maybe it’s a bit windy outside. The bin lorry passes by. Someone next door is already up and pottering about. Or perhaps the sun is shining – you can’t hear it, of course (!), but you can feel it, with its promise of a fine day ahead. When you have to leap out of bed the minute the alarm goes off, you don’t get to enjoy all those things. In fact you never even notice them.

Retuning home on Wednesday evening, we are loaded down with food. Cookies and crisps, chocolate and biscuits, cake and soup, pasta and preserves, you name it, we have it. We have booze and juice and goodies galore.

Yesterday we went into town and Mike bought me a new pair of boots which I am really pleased with. My idea of a good pair of boots is something general purpose: flat-heeled, black, mid-calf length, not too blingy but not too boring either. Not saggy! I hate the recent trend for saggy boots. I need something that I can wear to work with a skirt and with jeans. And that I can drive in. I have a weakness for New Rocks but driving in them, while possible, feels a bit like driving with two artificial feet. And although I love PVC, it can get a little warm at times, so for my everyday footwear I prefer to stick with leather.

I should be thinking about new year resolutions. My 2010 resolution to do a sketch a day failed miserably way back then. I’m toying with the idea of resurrecting it. Not sure. If I don’t re-try it, am I admitting defeat, or should I let sleeping dogs / dead horses lie?

If I had to make some honest resolutions? They would probably be:

  • Be more cheerful / less grumpy. Or, if I can’t manage that, at least work on hiding my grumpiness / not mentioning if I have some ache or pain.
  • Draw more. Not, like, every day. Just, maybe, once a week, or, if I can’t manage that, once a fortnight.
  • Be a bit more insistent about… certain things.
  • Erm, that’s about it really.
  • In reality I will probably make a resolution about doing the ironing roughly twice as often and practicing the piano. I already do practice most days when I’m at home, but to be truthful I usually feel demoralised because I know I’m crap at it. Sometimes I blame the fact that Mike is really good at it, but that’s not the real reason. Even if I didn’t know anyone who played the piano, I’d still know that I am not very good. Although I might have got myself lessons by now, but on the other side of the coin that’s not the case either because if it wasn’t for Mike I wouldn’t have access to a piano at all – there’s no way I could have afforded to buy one of my own. So he’s done me a big favour all round! That doesn’t make my ability any greater, though.