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Things I remember from 2011:

A lovely trip to Warwick for an afternoon.
Bournemouth, where I had never been before.
Spending the summer solstice at Stonehenge and Avebury.
The royal wedding.
The riots in August (I certainly didn’t expect to see *that*!).
Getting a pay rise.
Something I cannot say for personal reasons (but not so positive).
Getting an iPad!!!
Going to Gran Canaria for the first time ever.
Knitting in public (for the first time ever…).
Starting a blog (miserably).

Things I hope for 2012:

To feel happier about myself.
To get another pay rise… maybe. More by luck than judgement.
To see more often people that I care about but rarely see.
(Actually that first thing I hope for makes no sense at all, because I can *feel* any way I want about myself at any time at all. Maybe I should have said “To *act* happier about myself”?)
To be less confused. About everything, all of the time.
To work harder. (see second point.)
Not to look much older and not get too many more grey hairs.
To sleep better (but not necessarily longer).
To complain less.
To do more.
To go out more.
To treat my hubby to a surprise short break.