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close up of tree branchI’ve been distracted over the last few days by preparation for an important work-related event happening later this month.  I’ve been working evenings and parts of Saturdays, but I can start to relax a little now.

On Saturday evening I started testing the Good Things facial cleanser and moisturiser, as recommended by a friend because I was looking for products that weren’t tested on animals and preferably didn’t have any animal ingredients.  So far, touch wood, it seems to be going quite well.  I think my skin is clearer now, but it could just be a fluke.

Also on Saturday I went to see the dress rehearsal for a play.  I got in free because I’ve got a couple of friends/acquaintances who are in it.  It makes me a bit sad that it’s so long since I had a proper part in my local am dram production.  I did have a part just over a year ago, but only because they deliberately did a large-cast play so that everyone could be in it, so I don’t feel like I got there on merit, even though my part was quite a nice one.

Now that I’ve started to think about leaving my house, I’ve gotten all impatient and I want to move out tomorrow!  I’ve never been attracted to brand-new homes before – I always think older houses have more character and tend to be better value for money, as they usually need a bit of work so you can get more bang for your buck – but now I’ve started to picture myself in a shiny new suburban padded cell with smart furniture and barely any possessions.  (Except my art materials and yarn stash, of course, which would be neatly organised in Wilko’s plastic boxes and stacked on perfect shelving in its own room.)  In this spirit of minimalism I’ve even had a clothing purge!

I’ve also done a couple of ‘sketches with paint’ recently (I’m not sure what else to call them; I’d hardly dignify them with the name ‘paintings’), which pleases me greatly.