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red berries with green leaves on an iron drain coverAt work, I feel like Harry Potter and his friends in the vault at Gringotts, when the treasure was enchanted and everything that they touched multiplied uncontrollably.  Except instead of treasure it’s my jobs at work; every time I start doing one of them, it spawns more and more…  February and March are going to be busy months for sure!

I drew a van today.  I looked at my drawing and thought: ten years ago that would have been an exciting page.  It would have blossomed with wing-mirrors and lights and towbars and hubcaps; on swathes of panel the logo would dance; the contours would come unravelled and somewhere, probably, would emerge the framework of a mad superhero’s vehicle, replete with parts.  It wouldn’t have been anything like this weedy, insipid pencil outline of some lame-ass fucking van.  Sure, it looks like a van; there’s no question what it is; it’s in proportion.  But it isn’t ART.  No way no how.  Ok, I could say I only had a pencil and a sheet of A5 – no colours, no fancy ‘media’.  But a good artist can make art out of anything, out of the mud from the ground.  I’ve no quibbles with my pencil.  It’s me that’s the problem.  I feel like I’m starting all over again from the beginning.

On the subject of art, this is an interesting website; take a look!