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Had a terrible night in the apartment where I’m staying! The air con kept making clicky noises a frequent intervals all night. To add injury to insult, they sound just like the noise my alarm clock makes when it’s about to ring. Was on edge all night and when I did fall asleep for a short while I had bad dreams.

Nevertheless, I am away on business and with Mike as well, so in my eyes the sun is shining even though it’s actually raining where I am. It’s nearly time for lunch on the first day and I’ve already had a number of one-to-one meetings, but I’m enjoying myself. I’m slightly hampered, though, by not wanting to say too much about exactly where I am, as much for the sake of other participants as myself.

It’s far from being a holiday – we’re both working for 4 days – but I deliberately didn’t create a category for work because I don’t want to encourage myself to write about it. I suppose this counts as a ‘getaway’ – getting away from the norm, at least. We do have two days to ourselves before travelling back.

Foreign travel, can’t talk about work or say what line of business I’m in… if you want to think I’m a secret agent, be my guest! I wish it was that exciting!