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Went to a classical music concert last night and heard some great music. It seems a bit strange that although I played plenty of classical music on the flute, I never went to an actual concert until recently. I played in our little scrappy local amateur orchestra, and enjoyed it, but I never learned anything about composers or styles. I just played the music that was put in front of me. And I guess I wasn’t interested, because when you’re 13 it isn’t the done thing to be interested in classical music. Not that my track record with pop was much better. Good job I discovered metal, and my niche!

For some reason strings music sends me to sleep, even when it’s quite energetic. It must be something to do with the quality of the sound. I’d love to have a go at playing the violin, but that’s more to do with my guitarist background than anything else – I want to see if I can do it, and I feel as though I ought to be able to do it (ok, there’s the bow, but I’ve got the hang of putting my fingers on strings in the right place at the right time!). But for listening, string music doesn’t appeal to me as much. I like piano, brass and woodwind.