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Sorry about the delay – here are some links as promised, now I get a chance to be on a PC.

Since then, Mike has made some small marmalade cakes and some very sticky marmalade flapjack.

The car had to go into the garage at the weekend so we are carless for a week.  However, we still managed to get out on Saturday evening for a bit of fun and games (hand-eye coordination and buffet food were involved).  The weather was beautiful on Sunday, prompting a pleasant stroll in a local cemetery.

I’ve finished knitting a scarf (which I only started to use up some scrap Aran yarn I had lying around) and almost finished a second one (using some novelty yarn I bought in Penrith.  Lovely effect but a bugger to knit with).  After that, I plan to start on a shawl, made using fine yarn in a combination of silk and baby camel.  I’ve used fingering weight yarn before and I’ve done lace knitting before but I’ve never tried a lace knitting shawl in such a nice yarn.

I’ve also tried to inflict a ‘random act of kindness’ on a fellow Raveller, but am just waiting to hear back from her about her zip code so I can order some nice yarn for her.  I figured it was time I started to be more positive and do nice things for people and generally try to make the world a better place.  I tend to moan and complain a lot, which isn’t good for anything and only contributes to the overall sum of negativity.  Of course, as I’m trying to save up for a house I can’t afford to keep splurging on other people all of the time!  But I resolutely believe you have to give before you can receive, and good deeds don’t go unrewarded in the long term.