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Recently I felt I had a run of bad luck.  (I’m never quite sure whether it’s just my imagination – when one bad thing happens, you’re more likely to notice other bad things.)  But none of them were major things.  Nothing you could really complain about.  So minor and trivial that they seem like nothing.  The car broke down.  I lost Mike’s office keys.  We had a power cut.  I got a 400m skein of fingering weight yarn in a right tangle.  Oh, and my office got rearranged so that my boss can see my computer screen all of the time.  These things happen.  At the same time I was trying to buy something online for an acquaintance who is recovering from breast cancer, and Paypal kept refusing to accept her address even though I knew it was correct.  I felt like I was being thwarted at every turn even when trying to do something nice!  The power cut only lasted for about half an hour but the car was expensive and the keys could potentially have been expensive too if I’d had to buy new locks and have them fitted (which I’d have felt the responsibility to do, if I’d lost them through my fault).

However, a couple days ago my luck took a turn for the better.  The car got mended, I found the keys in the lining of my handbag (having got there through a hole so minuscule that it took me five minutes to locate it and I could hardly get them back out again!), and I managed both to straighten out my rogue skein and buy the gift.  I can’t do anything about my office but it’s been an opportunity to be refreshed and productive at work.  And I’ve been contacted by someone who lives near me who is interested in meeting up to knit and/or play piano together.  So, all in all, life is good.

My next knitting project is going to be the Cloud Illusions Shawl.  But I have a couple long train journeys coming up for work so I’ll take something simpler – easy squares for a stash-busting blanket.  I have loads of little bits of acrylic DK in my stash to use up.

I won’t be able to start any new project this weekend, though, as I’m going with Mike to visit his family.  It should be a nice occasion as one of the younger family members is being christened on Sunday.

I’ve decided that Vladimir Putin is my Random World Leader Crush.  In World Leader shag/marry/kill my choices are Putin/Sigurðardóttir/Assad.