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I don’t normally post anything related to my work, but it’s starting to get a little freaky.

First, our head honcho collapsed one day with internal bleeding and had to be rushed to hospital for several operations.  We still don’t know what’s wrong with him.

Second, my boss’s dad got cancer, and has only a matter of weeks left to live.

And yesterday, our main financial bod had to dash off in a hurry because her mum had just been rushed into hospital with heart problems.

I don’t believe in that ‘things come in threes’ rubbish (I think people just think they do because they only pick three things out of everything that happens), but I’m hoping it will be just those three things and doesn’t represent a net of pestilence closing in!

On a different note, I hope to post here more often and regularly in the future – I’ve given up commenting on the Guardian website, but I can never keep my keyboard silent about stuff I want to rant about, so maybe some of their articles can form the basis for little rantlets.  I don’t think anyone is interested in my opinions, but I guess I have to get past that mental block otherwise I’d never write anything!  It doesn’t seem to hold other people back on the internet…

Well, I do think I have plenty of material for a novel, but that ain’t going to happen on here, if it happens at all…

What have I been up to recently?  Three barbecues in the space of two weeks, all with family.  Unfortunately we don’t have the Aussie weather to go with it.  (I mean the heat.  I can do without the tropical cyclones they get in the north.)  Last Thursday was a massive thunderstorm, torrential rain and hailstones the size of brains.  I’ve had the chance to talk to family I haven’t seen in years, which has been nice.  One of my uncles is terminally ill; he lives overseas and we aren’t close (he isn’t a blood relative) but I am quite close to his wife, my aunt, so I’m not feeling great about that at the moment (although I think he is too distant to count as part of the workplace pestilence).  I’ve seen the Olympic Torch during its journey around the UK.  I’ve been to a gig and a comedy show and I’ve been with Mike to look around a local ‘dungeon for hire’, where the rates were pretty reasonable and they had some great equipment.  That more or less sums up the highlights of the last few weeks.