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It’s summer. It’s warm and sunny outside. I’m stuck in an office typing away on a computer. Thus plays out the story of worker drones across the length and breadth of England (and possibly Ireland, Scotland and Wales as well, for all I imagine them to be rugged farmers on windswept rainy hillsides).

Never have I wanted to procrastinate more.  For some reason when my boss is out  of the office, usually I mentally shake myself, grit my teeth and settle down for some work, but today I just want to read the news.

When I get given a little task, I sink my teeth into it with enthusiam, but as for the big tasks on my ‘Action’ list, I might as well try to start a train moving by pushing it with my hands.

We’re moving office soon, to a different room in the same building (actually two rooms, but obviously I’m only going to be in one of them, since I can’t be in two places at once). Furniture and equipment has started arriving although we don’t have broadband, trunking, electrical sockets, network points or phone in the new office yet so we can’t move any of our operations. We are also getting our server moved into the new office, which is upstairs and in the furthest possible corner of the building from our current den.  Yesterday we had the comedy moment of moving a huge whiteboard upstairs.  It wouldn’t fit in the lift.

My fingers are all sticky on the keyboard because it’s so warm.  Not hot, just warm, but air won’t circulate in here despite having the windows and door wide open.  I went outside for lunch and when I stepped back into the building it was like coming into a sauna.  No air-conditioning for British buildings, no siree!  And the temperature is only in the mid-20s.

Time for the weekend.  A lie-in and a wedding celebration.  Actually the wedding of the lady who conducted our own handfasting.  The ceremony itself plus legal wedding took place earlier in the week; tomorrow there is going to be a reconstruction of the ceremony followed by a party.  Should be good!